Cinephile is a peer-reviewed journal edited by graduate students in the Film Studies program at the University of British Columbia. The journal aims to provide a forum to discuss aspects of film theory, history, and criticism, and is intended to provide a platform to share research papers, book reviews, and reports that engage with debates appropriate to film, media, and cultural studies. As a peer-reviewed journal, Cinephile endeavors to promote the Film Studies portion of the program as an inclusive but discriminating environment which is dedicated to publishing work of the highest scholarly quality and appeal.

The Film Studies program is committed to the academic investigation of critical theory in visual culture, and aims to place its student body and faculty at the forefront of advancing cinema and visual studies as a rigorous academic discipline — particularly as an interdisciplinary phenomenon which explores cinema from varied perspectives. As such, Cinephile will publish all essays and articles it deems of academic relevance, although undergraduate-level writings and film reviews will also be considered on the basis of merit and academic worth. All submissions must follow MLA standards for formatting and layout.

The editors of Cinephile are as follows:

4 Responses

  1. Timothy says:

    Looking forward to the “Spirited Awry: Reassessing Anime” release. Anime is something that always fascinated me since I was a twenty year old (i.e. about 15 years ago.

    Timothy Cassar

  2. kristine says:

    Hi there timothy! I am also looking forward to the “Spirited Awry: Reassessing Anime” release. And, I think R. Colin Tait (”Hollywood Liberalism Today“) is also good, too. :) Let’s watch out for these.

  3. Stefanie says:

    Yes~!! That’s true! Cinephile is good and much awaited by journalists like us!

  4. Jeannie says:

    “Cinephile will publish all essays and articles it deems of academic relevance”

    The “Spirited Awry Reassessing Anime” would be interesting. I have wanted to learn more about Anime.

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