Volume 2: Theology & the Political

Editor’s Introduction: Theology and the Political [pdf]
Christine Evans

‘Somehow the Hate has got Mislaid’: Adaptation and The End of the Affair [pdf]
Jennie Carlsten

I’m in Love! I’m a Believer!: Structures of Belief in Jonathan Glazer’s Birth [pdf]
Christine Evans

‘Jesus is Never Mad at Us if We Live with Him in Our Hearts’: The Dialectical View of America in David O. Russell’s I (Heart) Huckabees [pdf]
R. Colin Tait

“Christ, that Hurts!”: Rewriting the Jesus Narrative – Violence and the Language of Action Cinema in Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ [pdf]
David Hauka

Metamorphic Death: Post-Mortem and Spirit Photography in Narrative Cinema [pdf]
Katherine Pettit

Film Reviews

  • R. Colin Tait – Palindromes [pdf]
  • Tara Kolton – Eve and the Fire Horse [pdf]
  • Tara Kolton – Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World [pdf]
  • Christine Evans – Cache [pdf]

Book Reviews [pdf]

  • Lindsay Steenberg on Jean Baudrillard
  • R. Colin Tait on Fredric Jameson
  • Christine Evans on Slavoj Zizek/Eric L. Santner/Kenneth Reinhard