Volume 4: Post-Genre

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Editor’s Note
Andrew deWaard


Cosmotrash: A New Genre for a New Europe
Susan Ingram

Lost in Translation: Subtitling Banlieue Subculture
Colleen Montgomery

Aspiring to the Void: The Collapse of Genre and Erasure of Body in Gaspar Noé’s Irreversible
Graeme Krautheim

Gorno: Violence, Shock and Comedy
Brenda Cromb

Shadows of a Doubt: The Fallacy of the Crisis of Masculinity
Barry Keith Grant

Beyond Genre and Logos: A Cinema of Cruelty in Dodes’ka-den and Titus
Brent Strang

Cinema from Attractions: Story and Synergy in Disney’s Theme Park Movies
Andrew Nelson

Dramatizing Individuation: Institutions, Assemblages, and The Wire
Alasdair McMillan

The HBO-ification of Genre
R. Colin Tait

The Geography of Melodrama, The Melodrama of Geography: The ’Hood Film’s Spatial Pathos
Andrew deWaard

Kathryn Bigelow’s Gen(d)re
Katherine Barcsay

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