Volume 1: Gender & Violence

Letter from the Editor [pdf]
Brock Poulin

Framing War: Commemoration, War & the Art Cinema [pdf]
Lindsay Steenberg

‘I am not a fascist, since I do not like shit. I am not a sadist, since I do not like kitsch’: Sadism, Serial Killing, and Kitsch [pdf]
Christine Evans

Reading Against the Gore: Subversive Impulses in the Canadian Horror Film [pdf]
Brock Poulin

Blurring the Boundaries: Auteurism & Kathryn Bigelow [pdf]
Brenda Wilson

Violence in the City of God: The Fantasy of the Omniscient Spectator [pdf]
Jennie Carlsten

Bloody Sunday: Classically Unified Trauma? [pdf]
Renee Penney

Myia Davar – “Interview with Mina Shum: The Director’s Question” [pdf]