Volume 5 No. 1:
‘Far From Hollywood’ -
Alternative World Cinema

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Editor’s Note
Brent Strang and Colleen Montgomery

Desecration Repackaged: Holocaust Exploitation and the Marketing of Novelty
Graeme Krautheim

Hitler as Actor, Actors as Hitler:
High Concept, Casting, and Star Performance in Der Untergang and Mein Führer

Steffen Hantke

Lower Depths and Higher Aims:
Death, Excess and Discontinuity in Irreversible and Visitor Q
Thomas Britt

Guy Maddin and Cinematography: An Interview
William Beard

From Ingushetia to the Finland Station
Jerry White

Post-Soviet Freakonomics: Alexei Balabanov’s Dead Men and Heritage Porn
Colleen Montgomery

Cinematic Prosthesis: History, Memory and Sally Potter’s Orlando
Laurynas Navidauskas

Eyeing Resistance: Alanis Obomsawin’s Third Cinema/Gaze/World
Tia Wong

Book Review: Jeffrey Sconce’s Sleaze Artists
Brenda Cromb

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