CFP – New Queer Theory in Film & Television (10.2)

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  1. Manoranjan says:

    John Loughery has written a hilghy readable survey of 20th century gay history. It debunks many of the myths surrounding the grand narrative that has been constructed around gay history, meaning that it all started at Stonewall. Particularly interesting to me was his discussion of gay rights activists in the 1950s. He evokes the terror of the McCarthy years well and how courageous those first steps towards gay pride must have been. His incisive exploration of the massive social changes for men and women in the 1930s is also quite interesting. One great strength of the book is the breadth of interviews he uses in the book. You hear the voices of men of all ages from throughout the US. This is what history should be: interesting, funny, a compelling narrative yet complex and challenging. I have learned a lot about 20th Century US history as well. I hilghy recommend it to anyone who is interested in contemporary history.

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